Leann Sutherland was 21 and suffering from chronic migraines when one of Scotland’s top surgeons offered to operate.

She was told she would be in hospital for a few days and had a 60% chance of improvement. Instead she was in for months while Sam Eljamel operated on her seven times.

The BBC can reveal her surgeon – the former head of neurosurgery at NHS Tayside – was harming patients and putting them at risk for years but the health board let him carry on regardless.

NHS Tayside has consistently claimed it only knew about concerns from June 2013 and that they put him under supervision at that point but an NHS whistleblower has told the BBC the health board knew as early as 2009 that there were serious concerns.

BBC Scotland has spoken to three surgeons who worked under Mr Eljamel at Tayside. All three said he was a bully who was allowed to get away with harming patients.

All three said there was a lack of accountability in the department and that Mr Eljamel was allowed to behave as if he were a “god” – partly because of the research funding he brought to the department.

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From BBC News, 16th June 2023 0600 – online article archived below for public information. Copyright remains with BBC.

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