Health Secretary Michael Matheson is launching an independent review of NHS Tayside in relation to disgraced former head of neurosurgery Sam Eljamel.

In November last year, BBC Scotland revealed an internal Scottish government report into Prof Eljamel which said the health board repeatedly let patients down. It outlined failures in the way Prof Eljamel was supervised and the board’s communication with patients.

[Patient Jules Rose said] “What about redress and compensation for patients? What about the patients who have had their notes lost or destroyed? Me and the 74 other patients want a face-to-face meeting with NHS Tayside. Up until now we have just had stalling.”

Conservative MSP Liz Smith … said there was “no way Mr Matheson is going to let NHS Tayside mark its own homework. Mr Matheson was very clear that past processes have not provided answers nor transparency to patients. Mr Matheson told us he will come back to us in the next two to three weeks with the details of what this independent process will look like. Ultimately if this still does not provide answers then we will need to have a public inquiry but I think Mr Matheson and others feel that a public inquiry could take years and this is just too long for some of these patients.”

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From BBC News, 20th April 2023 1807 – online article archived below for public information. Copyright remains with BBC.

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