Whistling in the Wind: How the NHS failed and failed again to listen to whistleblowers.

It wasn’t until months after undergoing surgery to have a brain tumour removed that Jules Rose realised something was badly wrong. Having been assured by her surgeon, Professor Sam Eljamel, that the procedure had been a complete success, she was awaiting pathology reports and confirmation the tumour had been benign when she received the news that would dominate her life for the next decade.

In the months after the surgery at Dundee’s Ninewells Hospital in 2013, Rose eventually received word of the specimen Eljamel had removed – it was normal lacrimal gland tissue, a healthy tear duct. The tumour, the reason the operation had been undertaken in the first place, remained. The next time she met Eljamel his demeanour had changed: he was defensive and intimidating; he told Rose she would have to undergo surgery for a second time.

Holyrood (Political Holdings Limited), 19th September 2023 – archived below for public information.

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