Humza Yousaf and Michael Matheson have been branded ‘untrustworthy’ after the health secretary appeared to rule out a public inquiry into shamed surgeon Professor Sam Eljamel. Over 100 victims of the doctor are demanding answers as to how he was able to get away with botched surgeries at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee for so long.

Ms Rose, 55, who had a tear duct removed by Eljamel instead of a brain tumour, accused the Scottish Government of paying “lip service” to victims. She met with Mr Matheson earlier this month to demand a public inquiry but in a follow-up letter, the health secretary said he would instead “commission a senior legal professor” to consider concerns about the Eljamel case.
He claimed this would “include the links between individual patients’ experiences, the clinical professional and related corporate governance processes within NHS Tayside and other organisations involved”. It would also look at the “wider learning” from the scandal.
Ms Rose, from Kinross, says this falls short of the public inquiry she and other survivors want. She posted the letter on Twitter and said: “Lies, deflection, lies, deflection and more lies! Yousaf is caught out telling porkies again!”

The Scottish Daily Express (Reach PLC), 10th July 2023 – archived below for public information – online article here. Copyright remains with The Scottish Daily Express.

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