Glenrothes grandmother Theresa Mallett interrupted the First Minister’s speech at the SNP’s independence conference to demand a public inquiry into the disgraced Tayside surgeon Sam Eljamel.

[Theresa, a] victim of disgraced Tayside surgeon Sam Eljamel has quit the SNP after heckling Humza Yousaf at his ownindependence convention.

Theresa Mallett has repeatedly demanded that the First Minister set up a public inquiry into the scandal.

The 61-year-old from Glenrothes was left with life-changing injuries are undergoing botched surgery for sciatica from the former NHS Tayside head of neurology. She shouted out as Mr Yousaf attempted to outline his strategy forbreaking up the UK.

Dr Eljamel is thought to have harmed hundreds of patients while working at Ninewells Hospital in
Dundee. His victims have long protested about setting up a public inquiry so the full-scale of his crimes could be investigated.

The Scottish Daily Express (Reach PLC), 24th June 2023 – archived below for public information – online article here. Copyright remains with The Scottish Daily Express.

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