A victim of a disgraced surgeon who interrupted the First Minister’s speech at the SNP’s independence convention said she will take up his offer of a meeting.

Theresa Mallett called for a public inquiry into NHS Tayside’s former head of neurosurgery Professor Sam Eljamel as she heckled Humza Yousaf at the Caird Hall on Saturday.

[Theresa] from Glenrothes is one of more than 100 victims of the disgraced surgeon.

She was initially booed for her interruption by SNP delegates before Yousaf left the podium to speak with her.

Ms Mallett then chose to leave the hall and has since left the SNP saying only a full public inquiry will restore her faith in the party.

“He said a public inquiry is not off the table and my reply was, ‘but it’s not in the courts’,” she told STV News.

“A public inquiry will mean we’ll get all the people responsible in court under oath and then we might get some answers. I need to make sure our hospitals are safe and make sure this can never happen again.”

From STV News (Online), 26th June 2023 @ 1735 – archived below for public information. Copyright remains with STV – online article here.

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