Fife grandmother Theresa Mallett suffered in silence for 11 years after her ordeal at the hands of
disgraced Dundee surgeon Professor Sam Eljamel.

Her protest made national headlines, with Harry Potter author JK Rowling slating Mr Yousaf for putting his hand on the grandmother’s shoulder after leaving the podium to speak to the SNP member.

She told The Courier: “Everything I’d been through in the last 11 years came out then. A lot of people didn’t know that was in my life as such. Eleven years just came out.”

Interrupting the SNP convention at Caird Hall, a tearful Theresa said:

“Look what they did to me. I’ve had enough. I’m in total pain 24 hours a day. I can’t live like this any more.”

“This could’ve been a whole lot easier for patients. It’s a wake-up call for the government. It’s got to be sorted.”

The Courier (DC Thomson), 29th June 2023 – archived below for public information . Copyright remains with The Courier.
Online article is also available here.

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