Victims of disgraced former NHS Tayside surgeon Sam Eljamel claimed police are “kicking the can downthe road” as they protested the slow pace of investigation.

Campaigner Jules Rose told The Courier patients are being left in limbo as she joined a demonstrationoutside the force’s Bell Street Dundee headquarters on Wednesday. Police started to probe the behaviour of Eljamel in September 2018 when complaints were first lodged.

The shamed neurosurgeon, employed in Ninewells from 1995 to 2013, harmed more than 100 patientsand left many with life-changing injuries.

The Courier (DC Thomson), 22nd May 2024 (Online) and 23rd May 2024 (Printed) – archived below for public information.

Original online article here.

Copyright remains with The Courier (DC Thomson).

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