Ms Sutherland claims she was used as an experimental study by Eljamel, now thought to be working as a surgeon in Llbya. And she insists the Scottish Government must hold nothing less than a full public inquiry into how he was able to harm patients for so long.

Ms Sutherland, unable to have children after the ordeal, said: “I’m absolutely livid with Humza Yousaf and the SNP. I have zero respect for that man. “I had to fight for my life, and now we’re having to fight for answers? “We will continue to fight for our public inquiry.”

Ms Sutherland was stunned to hear former colleagues of Eljamel had come forward after years of silence. She said: “I was in shock – I am over the moon to hear it’s not in my head. “It’s liberating to hear we were not wrong, we were not insane, we were manipulated into thinking this man was amazing. “I have admiration for them coming forward now. I have no bad feelings towards these people.

The Courier (DC Thomson), 21st June 2023 – archived below for public information . Copyright remains with The Courier.

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