Dundee mum-of-six Donna Elder has opened up on her trauma at the hands of disgraced surgeon SamEljamel – an ordeal that left her in constant pain and living with PTSD.

She is also haunted by visions of the rogue doctor in his “horrible brown suit and dickie bow”.

Aged 23, she was referred to the neurologist in 2010 after experiencing severe headaches and blurred vision.

“I was terrified but I was young and impressionable. He was meant to be the best, this God of a man whowould take away my pain and fix my sight,” she said.
But what she had no way of knowing was that far from a God, at the time of her surgery Eljamel’s own colleagues in Dundee had raised concerns about his standard of care.

The Courier – Evening Telegraph (DC Thomson), 18th July 2023 – archived below for public information.

Online article here.

Copyright remains with The Courier (DC Thomson).

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