NHS Tayside records vital to the public inquiry into the Sam Eljamel scandal may have been destroyed.

It appears that the health board does not have any documents detailing the rogue surgeon’s decade-long spell as a lead clinician for neurosurgery.

A lack of information is hindering the public inquiry into its handling of Eljamel. Campaigners took years to secure the probe and now fear they will not get straight answers from the investigation.

Three crucial areas where records have been lost were identified by freedom of information requests. NHS Tayside said no records were available to determine whether Eljamel ever supervised any under-fire doctors between 1998 and 2008.

The health board was also unable to give The Courier details over any meetings Eljamel attended with the Scottish Government in his role as lead clinician. And there are no official records to show EJjamel and Jason Leitch, now Scotland’s national clinical director [until recently], were ever in meetings together after he took on a senior NHS patient safety role within the Scottish Government in 2007.

The Courier (DC Thomson), 11th March 2024 – archived below for public information.

Copyright remains with The Courier (DC Thomson).

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