• Frontpage: “Eljamel report to slam NHS bosses” continued on Page 5 article “Shamed doctor still able to carry out 141 surgeries in six months”
  • Page 4: “Key players in scandal of surgeon”

NHS Tayside chiefs are slammed over their handling of disgraced surgeon Sam Eljamel in a bombshell new report.

The Courier understands management at the health board faces criticism over its June 2013 decision to place the rogue doctor under light-touch supervision rather than suspending him.

Eljamel was eventually removed from his post in December 2013.

He carried out more than 100 procedures during that six-month period, operating on patients in theatre with no scrutiny of his work other than a consultant neurosurgeon joining him on his ward rounds once a week.


The Courier (DC Thomson), 31nd August 2023  – archived below for public information.

Copyright remains with The Courier (DC Thomson).

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