Dundee-based MSP Michael Marra told The Courier: “The new chief executive does not have her troubles to seek. The pressures on our local NHS services are signincant and will only increase over the winter months.

“From my work with constituents and experts I would highlight three areas that require significant focus.

“The first is that GP services have disintegrated for many in the region. The quality of service is far too inconsistent and acute medical services are being undermined by the huge deficits in primary care.

“The second theme is the long-term reform of critical failing services – most specifically mental health and addiction services.”

He added: “The third and perhaps most critical area of change is the culture of leadership that for years has been secretive and defensive.

“That has been seen in the handling of the Eljamel scandal, in the misleading response to the Strang Review of mental health, in the treatment of press queries and more.

“Only real transparency from the new chief executive and the board can allow everyone across the community to work together to deliver the NHS that our citizens so badly need.”

The Courier (DC Thomson), 15th December 2023 – archived below for public information.

Copyright remains with The Courier (DC Thomson).

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