Theresa Mallett criticised the first minister’s offer to have the NHS trust question her.

A former patient who heckled Humza Yousaf at an SNP conference and demanded a public inquiry into a disgraced surgeon says she has been left “disgusted and disappointed” by the first minister after he rejected her demands.

After Mallett’s intervention, she was granted a private meeting with the first minister that took place on the July 4.
Following the meeting Mallett was offered the possibility of an internal review by NHS Tayside or the chance to join an independent review process already offered by the Scottish government.
In her response to Yousaf, Mallett said that she had made explicit to the first minister that she never wished to set foot inside NHS Tayside after her experience with Eljamel.
“I feel let down by you, Humza. Disgusted and disappointed. This is not a real offer of help,” she said. “Do you really want me to be reviewed by those that harmed me? You sat in my own home, and yet you only paid me lip service.”

The Times (News UK), 21st July 2023 – archived below for public information.

Online article here.

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