Archived: Letter from Graeme Dey, SNP MPS, to a constituent who is one of our patients in the group.


I wanted to get back in touch in the wake of the publication of NHS Tayside’s review of their handling to the Eljamel scandal.

Along with other MSPs I received a confidential preview of the content earlier this week.

I can only begin to imagine how you are feeling having read the findings.

It beggars belief that the degree of supervision imposed on Eljamel was as it was. That decision left many more patients exposed to his practices. And a further opportunity to suspend him before that eventually happened was also missed.

Unfortunately the NHS Tayside review leaves too many questions unanswered including the rationale for only the lightest touch supervision being employed.

On Wednesday of this week the MSP group met with Health Secretary Michael Matheson to further explore how the Scottish Government will be taking these issues forward.

I remain firmly of the view that the way forward must involve an opportunity for each patient to have their case/treatment independently assessed by clinical experts, unconnected with NHS Tayside, if that is their wish.

Victims of Eljamel need to know the truth about their surgeries.

I understand that this opportunity will be offered as part of a twin track approach.

As we have discussed, I have not been in favour of a Public Inquiry because these do not, by their nature, address the individual victim aspect of what occurred.

But I have explored at length with Michael Matheson the areas that the proposed Independent Commission he is looking at would shine a light on.

The exact terms of reference for the Commission will be finalised in conjunction with the independent individual identified to lead it.

But the Cabinet Secretary has provided assurance that the review will be as comprehensive as it ought to be.

This must I believe include seeking a full explanation from the Medical Director who oversaw Eljamel’s “supervision” as to why it took the inadequate form it did.

Kind regards, 

Graeme Dey
MSP for Angus South Constituency
282-284 High Street, Arbroath, DD11 1JF 
[email protected]

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