Email to NHS Tayside, Members of the Scottish Parliament, The First Minister of Scotland, and others – by Jules Rose.

From: Julie Rose <*********>
Date: 6 December 2022 at 20:37:58 GMT
To: Nicola Sturgeon FM <*********, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care <*********>, [email protected], Chairman NHS Tayside <*********>, ChiefExec NHS Tayside <*********>
Cc: Liz Smith MSP <*********>, Willie Rennie MSP <*********>, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP <*********>, Anas Sarwar MSP <*********>, Michael Marra MSP <*********, Shona Robison MSP <*********>, Shirley-Anne Sommerville <*********>, Jenny Gilruth MSP <*********>, Peter Grant MP <*********>, David Torrance MSP <*********>, Graeme Dey MSP <*********>, John Swinney MSP <*********>, Douglas Ross MSP <*********>, Wendy Chamberlain MP <*********>
Subject: ***Public Inquiry for Eljamel and NHS Tayside victims***

Dear Ms Sturgeon, Mr Yousaf, Ms Todd, Ms Lorna-Birse Stewart and Mr Archibald,

Call for a Public Inquiry into Professor Eljamel and NHS Tayside

I write to you all on behalf of 40 former patients harmed by Professor Eljamel and NHS Tayside.


· During First Minister’s Questions in the Scottish Parliament on 27 February 2020, Ms Sturgeon, you said the following:

“I share Liz Smith’s concern about the report that we read earlier in the week. If there is any support that the Scottish Government can give to patients of the surgeon, we are more than happy to consider it. If there are constituents of Liz Smith who want to be in touch with us, we would be happy to make that contact.”

“On the surgeon’s ability to practise, I of course cannot comment on on-going police investigations. However, Liz Smith will also be aware that whether a surgeon remains able to practise is a matter for the General Medical Council, and not the Scottish Government; we do not have power over that. Suffice to say, however, that I understand and share the concerns that have been raised, and certainly want to be in a position to offer whatever support we can to patients who are affected.”

Of the 40 patients I have liaised with so far, this has not happened. You, the SNP Scottish Government have failed at least 40 patients.


· On June 28 2022, Mr Yousaf, during a meeting at Scottish Parliament, you told Pat Kelly and myself; “I’ll personally do my best to follow that one up.” And, “there is a gap.” This was in relation to HSE accountability and NHS Tayside.

[Link for The Courier “Eljamel Victims Failed Health & Safety”]

You, as the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care, failed to do so.


· On 10 November 2022, Liz Smith MSP asked during First Minister’s Questions in the Scottish Parliament “whether the Scottish Government will now commission a full independent inquiry into the medical negligence of Professor Eljamel, the former disgraced surgeon at NHS Tayside and the governance issues given that more and more patients are coming forward with their horrific stories about what happened to them.”

Mr Swinney, you replied “As Liz Smith will know, NHS Tayside commissioned a review from the Royal College of Surgeons into the practice of Professor Eljamel and these are professional issues which affected his clinical practice and obviously restricted Professor Eljamels clinical responsibilities as a consequence. The Health Secretary has made it clear to NHS Tayside that he expects them to meet with those who are affected and where possible to answer any questions that remain unanswered given the fact that these issues have been thoroughly examined by the Royal College of Surgeons at the request of NHS Tayside already.”

Mr Swinney, you exude that Scottish Government are of the opinion that an investigation conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons in 2013 was suffice. This is not the case. This report investigated into Professor Eljamels misconduct only. And not of the governance management failings associated with NHS Tayside.


The independent review commissioned by the Scottish Government in May 2022 on two former patients, Pat Kelly and myself, evidence the significant management failures and lack of clinical governance regarding management at Ninewells Hospital. The same report that you, Mr Yousaf, during our meeting on 28 June 2022 “asked me to take off the table.” However, it is fast becoming my opinion that this report would be in the public interest to be above board for all to see.

Mr Swinney, to attempt to appease and mislead the public by claiming that the Royal College of Surgeons report was adequate, was disingenuous to do so. Mr Yousaf and Mr Swinney – you have again failed the former patients and myself.


· Mr Archibald, on 11 November and 15 November, I wrote to you on behalf of former patients harmed by Professor Eljamel and NHS Tayside requesting a date to meet with us as advised above by Mr Swinney and Mr Yousaf. You have ignored both my letters. You have failed your former patients, despite during our meeting on 4 October 2022 you asked Pat Kelly and myself to “give us (NHS Tayside) (you) a chance.”


· Mr Yousaf, on 16 November 2022, myself along with 15 former patients, handed a letter into Scottish Parliament repeating the call for a Public Inquiry. You have not responded to us and have chosen to ignore our request. You have again, failed us.


· Ms Todd, during our meeting on 16 November 2022 with a former patient’s wife, (whose husband is too ill to leave his home), you appeared to listen and understand my concerns. You commented on my apology issued by NHS Tayside as being “sub-standard” and assured me you would pass my comments and frustration onto Mr Yousaf, namely being that he failed to address our concern over HSE and our call for a Public Inquiry. You failed to reengage with me as you advised me you would do so.


· Mrs Birse-Stewart, on 27 November, myself along with 28 former patients who have suffered harm from Professor Eljamel and under the care of NHS Tayside, requested a meeting with yourself. You have not responded to us and have chosen to ignore our request. Despite telling Pat Kelly and myself during our meeting on 4 October 2022 why the former Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care (Jeanne Freeman) appointed you “because you care.” You have systematically failed us.



The above failures could be construed as an attempt to “grind the patients and myself down” until we succumb to the mental attrition of it all. As I stated to you Ms Todd, and requested you pass this onto Mr Yousaf; I am the Jules Rose to the Scottish Government and NHS Tayside as what Anne Williams was to the Hillsborough disaster. We will continue to campaign and continue to call on all opposition parties for support until we are granted our Public Inquiry. Which we so rightly deserve.

Ms Sturgeon, your party – the SNP claim to stand up for Scotland and its people. Your party is the one that consistently refuses to engage with our demands for a Public Inquiry and the aftercare support desperately required. No less than what we deserve.

I welcome a meeting with you all and look forward to hearing from you in the first instance.

Yours sincerely

Jules Rose

(On behalf of former patients harmed by Professor Eljamel and NHS Tayside).

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