Email to NHS Tayside by Jules Rose this afternoon.

From: Julie Rose <********>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2022 at 17:05
Subject: Re: Former Patients Meeting
To: Chairman NHS Tayside <********>, Chief Executive NHS Tayside <********>
Cc: Cabinet Secretary <********>, Liz Smith MSP <********>, Douglas Ross MSP <********>, Willie Rennie MSP <********>

Dear Ms Birse-Stewart and Mr Archibald

Re: Meeting NHS Tayside and former patients.

Thank you for your email today. Regarding my email sent on 21 December on behalf of the former patients, I provided a detailed breakdown of who wished to attend a one to one meeting with NHS Tayside to discuss issues relating to their care. And these patients have/are contacting you as you requested.

The other (now) 41 patients request a group meeting. These 41 patients are not asking about the specifics of their clinical care. They know enough of what happened to them at this stage, that an unqualified high risk surgeon was performing on patients within Ninewells hospital in an unscrutinised, unsupervised, unrestricted clinical capacity with no management or professional leadership questioning the repeated adverse clinical outcomes, from 1997 – 2013 and perhaps even further.

I shall provide a list of former patient names upon confirmation of a meeting for the group. Patients are willing to supply further personal contact details at this meeting.

It would be helpful for myself to receive a date for this meeting by 6 January 2023. I shall, then in turn advise former patients of this date.

Yours sincerely

Jules Rose

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