21st February 2024 @ 1400

Today the harmed patients of neurosurgeon Eljamel and NHS Tayside felt they were left with no option but to return to their site of previous protests outside the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

No option because of ongoing delays and dithering from the Scottish Government. This group of harmed patients has heard little in way of the promised timelines for the Public Inquiry into the Eljamel and NHS Tayside scandal, or the patients’ individual clinical reviews.

We are represented here today by the patients themselves, relatives of patients, and our supporters. We are supported from afar by the rest of our patients who were unable to attend in person due to disabilities and chronic pain inflicted on them by Eljamel, the team who enabled him, and the NHS Tayside organisation.

It is also shocking to consider that some of our group may have died without knowing answers to what happened to them. This is why our protest today has a funereal feel. None of us is getting any younger! Perhaps the Scottish Government could advise us when both of their promises are going to see progress. Whilst we wait…

“They dither, we die.”


Today in numbers:

172 – harmed patients known about by this group to date.

132 – former patients, both NHS and Private, applying as a group for core participant status through our Legal representation.

166 – number of days since Public Inquiry was announced by the Scottish Government.[1]

306 – number of days since individual clinical reviews for patients were announced by the Scottish Government.[2]

5 – number of Scottish Health Secretaries since this campaign began.[3]


Jules Rose, lead patient in our Campaign group, explained why we were back here protesting:

“We are hoping that Mr Neil Gray, the new Health Secretary, will do a better job than his predecessors. It is imperative he takes this matter seriously by recognising the escalating adverse impact on patients which only increases day by day.

“Therefore, get this chair appointed and immediately thereafter we expect to be in consultation regarding an agreement with our Terms of Reference.

“Scottish Government need to immediately cease treating patients like the can that constantly gets kicked up the street.

“It is atrocious that we are, yet again, having to resort to staging a protest to achieve any movement with the Scottish Government. Simply not acceptable and utter shame on them all!”


At the protest today several of our patients spoke out loud and clear. Here are their stories:

“I’m Jules. Eljamel removed my healthy tear gland instead of my brain tumour. I was his last victim he butchered in December 2013.”

“I’m Julie and with consent, my procedure was changed the night before my operation. Eljamel punctured my spinal column, resulting in a CSF leak leaving me with little feeling to my legs and feet.”

“I’m Janice. Eljamel, you have ruined MY LIFE!”

“I’m Tony. Eljamel operated on my son Christopher for bulging discs on his spine in 2013. He is unable to attend today and since then he has suffered physically and mentally.”

“I’m Susan, Eljamel operated on me, I awoke during the surgery, suffered a stroke, and have no memories prior to my operation. I suffer from PTSD, constant headaches, and ongoing pain.”

“I’m Donna, after being operated on by Eljamel when I was 23, my children became young carers. dressing me, helping me in and out of the shower, cooking, and cleaning. I feel robbed of my youth and guilty that my children have to help me like this.”

“I’m John. Eljamel lied to me and left me to live a life of pain since 2010.”

“I’m Martin. Eljamel done massive damage on my neck ops and left me with serious nerve damage and disabilities.”

“I’m David. I was harmed by Eljamel. He operated on me twice and left me permanently disabled.”

“I’m Bex, Eljamel harmed my mum in 2013! I had to give up school and become a young carer at the age of 13.”

“I’m Richard, Eljamel left me a cripple and operated twice on my spine, I am now unable to walk properly or go back to work.”

“I’m Lara here on behalf of my partner Stuart, he is too disabled to attend today. Eljamel operated on him three times and has been left in chronic pain 24/7 for 14 years.”

“I’m Aggie, Eljamel was to take my disc out. He supposedly only took the tip out. I’m now on a cocktail of tablets and in chronic pain most days.”

“I’m Helen. I was so desperate I tried to take my own life. I just didn’t want to go on anymore.”

If you would like to see these and other patients please watch our video.[4]


As usual, we always believe that …

  • to achieve transparent, unbiased, and honest answers.
  • to have essential learning and enact real change.
  • to hold to account those responsible.
  • to help and support those patients living with what happened.
  • to rebuild public trust in our healthcare organisations, to care for them, even now.

…is by having a thorough and independent Public Inquiry.

We must get to the truth as soon as possible,
to safeguard all patients who rely on healthcare in Scotland.

We are demanding a Public Inquiry that accomplishes these goals.
We will not give up.

=== ENDS ===


[1] Public Inquiry was announced on 7th September 2023

[2] Individual clinical reviews were first announced on 20th April 2023

[3] Campaign for a Public Inquiry began in 2015, we are now on our 5th Health Secretary.

[4] Watch : https://www.eljamelinquiry.org.uk/media-archive/patients-talk-twitter-x-9-feb-2024/

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