14th June 2023: 1330 – Protest outside the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.

The Patient’s Action Group seeking a Public Inquiry into the actions of NHS Tayside and their surgeon, Sam Eljamel, is staging a protest outside the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

The Scottish Government continues to show clear disrespect to our patients. We have already rejected the hollow offer made by The Scottish Government’s Health Secretary, Michael Matheson on 20th of April. Nothing has been heard since. Silence.

We stand by our reasons for rejecting Mr Matheson’s offer[1] – nothing has changed.

We stage the protest today as we continue to believe that the only route left…

    • to achieve transparent, unbiased, and honest answers.
    • to have essential learning and enact real change.
    • to hold to account those responsible.
    • to help and support those patients living with what happened.
    • to rebuild public trust in NHS Tayside to care for them, even now.

…is by having a thorough and independent Public Inquiry.

We must get to the truth as soon as possible,
to safeguard all patients who rely on healthcare in Scotland.

We are demanding a Public Inquiry NOW!!  We will not give up.


[1] Press Release 4th May 2023: https://www.eljamelinquiry.org.uk/news/press-release-response-to-micahel-matheson-4th-may-2023-0600/


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