6th September 2023 @ 1400 – Protest outside the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.

The Patient’s Action Group seeking a Public Inquiry into the actions of NHS Tayside and their surgeon, Sam Eljamel, is staging a protest outside the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

Jules Rose, lead patient of the group, said today “The ongoing bombshell revelations and admissions that we’ve seen in the past few months just strengthen our resolve that the only way to get answers for our patients, and their families – and for the public who are concerned about their safety in the hands of NHS Scotland – is to call a Public Inquiry immediately and get on with it!”

Since our last protest, and still without answers, we have seen:

  • An exponential increase in the number of patients harmed. In June our group consisted of 99 patients. Today we stand at 146 in the group, and still growing. With the additional information in the public domain last week from NHS Tayside – we can now estimate that, almost doubling overnight, there are likely 249 patients[1] victims of Eljamel, the team around him at NHS Tayside and the various organisations that should have stopped this. Every day this number increases.
  • Humza Yousaf attempting to use his heckler, patient Theresa Mallet, for publicity but backfires when explicitly told not to involve NHS Tayside in her future healthcare and does so anyway, resulting in him referring her back to a GP already unable to assist her.[2] [July/August]
  • NHS Tayside’s Board’s admission during a non-independent due diligence ‘fact-hiding’ report[3] that number of patients “were potentially exposed to possible harm” and sent out letters which upset patients by being half-hearted, crass, unfeeling, and insulting[4]. Letters that attendees to the board meeting had apparently not even seen before they were sent out.[5] If they’ve been hiding 6 months of clinical governance mess from 2013, what else have they been covering up for the 18 years that Eljamel worked for them – our patients were harmed across his employment![6] [31st August]
  • Scottish Labour announced “The leadership of NHS Tayside must resign with immediate effect and an independent public inquiry must be held into the Eljamel scandal” after the NHS Tayside Board’s revelations.[7] [31st August]
  • Scottish Conservatives’ Liz Smith said “The only way Eljamel’s patients will get the truth they deserve is a full public inquiry. Nothing less will do.[8] [31st August]
  • Graeme Dey, an SNP MSP, still isn’t “in favour of a Public Inquiry”[9] [1st September] yet his SNP colleague Jim Fairlie, MSP, is and told Michael Matheson, Health Secretary: “I have very real concerns that without the ability to compel witnesses to appear, the only way to get to the answers needed by the patients who were Eljamel’s victims, and for the wider peace of mind and security of patient safety going forward, is to have an independent public enquiry.”[10] [1st September]

We strongly believe that Humza Yousaf and Michael Matheson are like the three monkeys – who don’t speak, don’t see and don’t listen. They will see and hear us today, and then we want them to speak the words we want to hear: call for an immediate Public Inquiry!

We continue to believe that the only route left…

  • to achieve transparent, unbiased, and honest answers.
  • to have essential learning and enact real change.
  • to hold to account those responsible.
  • to help and support those patients living with what happened.
  • to rebuild public trust in our healthcare organisations, to care for them, even now.

…is by having a thorough and independent Public Inquiry.

We must get to the truth as soon as possible,
to safeguard all patients who rely on healthcare in Scotland.

We are demanding a Public Inquiry NOW!!  We will not give up.

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[1] Our first protest in Nov 2022 had 12 patients in our group. By our June 14th protest we had 99 patients in the group; we have 146 patients in our group today; NHS Tayside reported on 31st August they are contacting 111 patients in relation to harm publicly identified, of that we know 8 of those in our group, leaving 103 that our group doesn’t know of yet. That’s a total of 249 (146+103).

[2] https://ln-k.me/sifn and https://ln-k.me/MBIQ and https://ln-k.me/ciDC

[3] NHS Tayside Board meeting – item 8.1 report, including the preface presented. https://ln-k.me/QYbb

[4] Letter sent out to 111 patients by NHS Tayside: https://ln-k.me/StQj

[5] Recording of NHS Tayside board meeting. https://youtu.be/-Zleh9_5OGY – see John Alexanders question at 32m32s in regarding letters.

[6] NHS Tayside admitted that patients operated on during the period 2013-06-21 through 2013-12-10 (elapsed time of 5 months and 19 days) should be informed of the due diligence report outcomes. However, our patients’ group maintains that since Eljamel was hired in 1995 they have been harmed.

[7] https://twitter.com/eljamelInquiry/status/1697311481249862120

[8] https://twitter.com/ScotTories/status/1697287437880308201

[9] Graeme Dey, SNP MSP, letter to patient – still not in favour of public inquiry – https://ln-k.me/kKCh

[10] Jim Fairlie, SNP MSP, letter to Michael Matheson, Health Secretary – demands a public inquiry – https://ln-k.me/Abbz


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