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6th July 2023: 0900 – Statement from Theresa Mallett.

  • Statement by Theresa Mallett, patient harmed by Eljamel and NHS Tayside

“Since Humza met with me on Monday, I have now been contacted by NHS Tayside who want to see me and discuss my healthcare.
“When I spoke with Humza I told him that myself, and the other patients, were not being listened to about the trauma and pain caused by NHS Tayside. The feeling of not being listened to just continues the trauma. And yet, Humza saw fit to get NHS Tayside to contact me with an offer to review my healthcare. Humza was clearly not listening and has now caused me more trauma and distress due to the contact by them.
“I told him very clearly in my meeting that I would never step into NHS Tayside hospitals again. They did this to me – they caused my trauma. I don’t want them to touch me again. Yet he goes and does this?!
“What about all the other patients who have been campaigning for months – what help has been given them? I don’t think it’s appropriate for NHS Tayside to review patients harmed, I think it needs to be taken up by other NHS boards (perhaps even outside of Scotland) or even a private review of the healthcare.
“Humza and Michael Matheson have been talking about a review – but this isn’t that: the patients need help right now. So, they should be offered immediate care and support from a friendly source. This can all be done now.
“Finding out what happened, why, and to ensure it can’t happen again – that’s for a Public Inquiry to establish. That’s why I support a Public Inquiry immediately. I’ll have help for my health now, from someone I can trust, thanks – but the answers that are needed can only come from a Public Inquiry.”

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